From The Who Is Teaching Your Kids? Files: “The victims get some justice and she’s not being overly punished.”

 A high school teacher charged with eight felonies in connection with engaging in sex acts with students pleaded no contest Friday to a charge of unlawful sexual intercourse.

Amber Lee Failla faces a maximum of 16 months in prison at her May 7 sentencing, but prosecutor Marcus Cuper said the judge indicated Failla will be sentenced to a year in jail. Failla has agreed to lifetime registration as a sex offender.

“I think it’s a just result for both sides,” Cuper said. “The victims get some justice and she’s not being overly punished.”

Three charges of oral copulation with a person younger than 18, two counts of contacting a minor with the intent to commit a sexual offense, and two other counts of unlawful sexual intercourse were dismissed. Cuper said the latter two counts can be considered by the judge at sentencing.

Defense attorney Timothy Lemucchi said he also believes the plea deal is fair, especially in light of his client’s background.

“She has a history of psychiatric problems,” Lemucchi said.

Failla is bipolar, and Lemucchi said she was given a drug that has a side effect of making a person “hyperactively sexual.” Lemucchi said Failla was the recipient of poor medical treatment in that she wasn’t given a second drug to counteract those effects.

So, her lawyer is claiming she’s mentally unstable too? It’s not her fault of course, it’s whoever didn’t give her more drugs to control herself. That’s great.

Who thought it was a good idea to put a ‘sexually hyperactive’ person around children? Parents should be asking this question of the administration… with THEIR lawyers by their sides.

UPDATE: The Other McCain wants to know why we’re being so judgmental. Tongue meet cheek moment.

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