Amazingly, WaPo dug into McConnell Bug-gate: Kentucky group is the PAC that couldn’t shoot straight

The article sort of mocks Reilly and Morrison. ConMom already dug up their love of Occupy and failure, but seeing WaPo print it made me smile.

Both Reilly, 30, and Morrison, 44, have been active in liberal causes around Louisville. Reilly worked for Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, a MoveOn-linked group that held a series of protests in the summer of 2007. One was held outside McConnell’s house. Morrison was active in the local Occupy movement and a vocal opponent of attempts to move protesters out of a local park.

Even in Louisville, however, they were not dominant players. Both, for instance, had made unsuccessful bids for the state Senate. They gained their most recognition for a fairly obscure fight: the battle against proposed tolls on two new bridges to Indiana. They lost.

Those two useful idiots don’t matter, it’s circle the liberal media time. Have no fear, WaPo is in full cover David Corn’s Ass mode now.

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Legal Insurrection finds it interesting:

I suspect that part of the issue may be what Corn and Mother Jones knew, and when they knew it.

If they merely were the recipient of unlawfully obtained information, or if they thought the recording was by a person in the room not a bugging, that might be viewed differently than if they had advance knowledge or knew the evidence was from eavesdropping.  I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they did not participate in, encourage, or in any way knowingly intend to benefit from an alleged bugging.

For now, Corn and Mother Jones aren’t talking (via NBC link above):

In a phone interview with NBC News, Mother Jones’ David Corn says he and his publication have “no comment” about any FBI investigation into how he obtained the recording of the McConnell campaign’s strategy session on actress Ashley Judd.

“This story speaks for itself,” Corn said.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, and what David Corn and Mother Jones knew, and when they knew it.