UPDATE regarding Chick-fil-A in Albuquerque on the UNM Campus  possibly being forced to leave    The Students have spoken and free speech wins!  Chicken for everyone!!!!!!!!!  Just kidding.  But they are there to stay.  In a vote of 8-3, the popular restaurant is staying.  The students against the Chick-fil-A said   “the presence of Chick-fil-A made them feel unsafe”  Exactly how does chicken make you feel unsafe.  Full Story here.

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BREITBART IS HERE....We will be heard! I am Lady Liberty's co-blogger, who she calls Digger. I am a strong individual with sometimes unpopular opinions like this: The First Amendment and The Second Amendment are blood brothers. They protect each other. They are inseparable. They stand strong together and neither one can live with out the other. -LS

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