Hawaii to institute Camera Free Zones: Hawaii’s ‘Steven Tyler bill’ would shield celebrities from paparazzi

So, when you get really famous, you get to tell lawmakers what laws to make for the little people. Got it.

More at WaPo;

“Longtime Hawaii media lawyer Jeff Portnoy said the legislation is vague and panders to celebrities.

“It’s unnecessary, it’s potentially unconstitutional and it flies in the face of decades of privacy law,” he said.

He said that it’s hard to know how the court would interpret the state constitutional provision for the right to privacy in terms of this bill, but that based upon privacy-related court precedents, the law would be unnecessary.”

Also, probably the real reason:

“Like other destinations, Hawaii has a steady stream of high-profile visitors. President Barack Obama vacations on Oahu once a year with his family, while Lance Armstrong escaped to the Big Island last month after a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey in his home state of Texas.”

Read the bill for yourself.

” (b) A person is liable for a civil action of constructive
invasion of privacy if the person captures or intends to
capture, in a manner that is offensive to a reasonable person,
through any means a visual image, sound recording, or other
physical impression of another person while that person is
engaging in a personal or familial activity with a reasonable
expectation of privacy.

(h) This section shall also applv to a Person who is
situated within state marine waters, as defined in section
187A-1.5, while engaging in constructive invasion of privacy.

So, now public beaches and waters are Camera Free Zones.  What Tyler wants is for people to treat him like he’s not famous.