ObamaControl’s 23 Orders – A multi-link rundown post.

Obama’s 23 Executive Actions on ‘Gun Violence Reduction’

7 of the 23 are about manipulating healthcare workers or healthcare information. Information that should be confidential. There are already laws on the books for healthcare professionals to report imminent threats; that’s not enough for Obama he wants a Minority Report. This is not a coincidence either: House Democrats try to revive health insurance ‘public option’

Note: Not one of these 23 specifically lists making funds available for schools to have armed officers, yet the spending in it does.  The spending package calls for “$150 million to “put up to 1,000 new school resource officers and school counselors on the job.” Obama doesn’t want to give a  hat tip to the NRA, so he leaves it off the big shiny list and tucks it into spending. It’s the biggest single chunk in list and the only idea in the whole thing worth a damn. Related: Please sign the petition to keep Obama and his family safe by making the White House a gun-free zone [UPDATE: Threshold crossed]

More: Obama’s Directs His Executive Power at America’s Gun Owners

This is a loser for Dems, especially in this climate: Krauthammer: ‘Democrats Are Going to Stop’ Gun Control 

It’s back: Janet Napolitano: ‘If you see something, say something’ to prevent mass shootings

John Hinderaker: The Latest Shooting Victim? The Constitution.

CafeMom: Obama Uses Kids to Further His Gun Control Agenda



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