#WAR Is Coming: Communism Rising While Watching GOP Infighting

Two paragraphs caught my eye here:

However, these facts could be used as an argument for an increase in the federally mandated minimum wage. That would just be paying people more than their efforts and skills are worth. In reality, those who do the bare minimums their employers expect usually do not stay at minimum wage more than six months, anyway. Increasing the mandatory minimum wage will just increase the time before those who work harder can expect a well-earned raise.

The other trend this information indicates is a form of shaping operation intended to pave the way for a federally mandated “living wage”. For those unaware, a “living wage” is a socialist ideal that everybody is entitled to an income just for breathing and sucking up resources even if they do not work to produce anything. It means paying people to waste, to destroy, to steal, and to oppress prosperity. It is a completely asinine idea. It is poison. It is economic suicide. However, it is gaining popularity.

Union tied non-profits pushing the idea of ‘living wage’ and a $15 minimum wages are springing up right and left like weeds. This is not by accident and represents what ConMom contributor, LL1885, calls Occupy 2.0