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A lot of protest pictures: Chicago Tribune 2012 Pictures of the Year

Meanwhile in Mexico: 100 bodies in Durango mass grave identified since January

Stories you probably never heard of due to our Dhimmi media: Ten biggest terror finance news stories of 2012

Looks like they are doing fine without us: Iraq cities hit by wave of deadly explosions

We need to stop apologizing and start fighting. Via Heritage:

From The Foundry, a must Bookmark page: Top 10 Heritage Charts of 2012 I need a drink.

Thuggery alert: Police Suspect Union Thugs Behind Philly Arson

As seen on The Looking Spoon:

So much for draining the swamp: Office of Congressional Ethics could soon be silenced by those it investigates

But Obama gave raises to everyone else: Pentagon To Notify 800,000 Civilian Employees They Will Have To Take Unpaid Leave If Fiscal Cliff Spending Cuts Are Enacted…

We’re still going over the cliff: Tax portion of fiscal cliff deal reportedly has been finalized

Just like Bin Laden: Final resting place of Newtown gunman a mystery

She did it because NC is just so racist: NC governor signs pardons for Wilmington 10 “This conduct is disgraceful,” Perdue said of the notes. “It is utterly incompatible with basic notions of fairness and with every ideal that North Carolina holds dear. The legitimacy of our criminal justice system hinges on it operating in […]

Dear Liberals screaming for gun control: Detroit Homicides Climb 10%, Above ‘Murder Capital’ Era Why aren’t cities like Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia being paraded around by liberals as shining examples of the need to take our guns? Demographics…of course. But Shut up, you racists.

Crickets from the Liberals screaming for gun control: Man killed, 3 others wounded Sunday night If only Chicago had stiff gun control legislation…oh wait…

From the ‘Who is teaching your kid?’ files: Professor Calls for Death Penalty for Climate Change ‘Deniers’

The Fiscal Cliff as seen by the American People:

Doing all he can without Congress: Obama Seizing Sole Authority for US Defense As noted in Friday’s Wall Street Journal in an op-ed by John Bolton and John Woo, a State Department advisory group that is run by former Secretary of Defense William Perry is advising that the U.S. and Russia both reduce nuclear weapons […]

That’s raaaaaacist!: MSNBC Host Thinks Calling Romney ‘Negro’ Is Hilarious

President Economic Illiterate, a.k.a Liar Liar Pants on Fire: Obama: “I cut spending by over a trillion dollars in 2011″

Our gun overlords in the media know what is best for us: Peers-More-Gun

Mostly Peaceful, except when amassing weapons and bomb materials: Greenwich Village couple busted with cache of weapons, bombmaking explosives: sources I am sure the media will blow this off too. Pun intended. More here from Daily Mail UK: The New York Post reports that police found seven grams of HMTD, a high explosive powder that […]

Details aren’t for the little people: 4th in line for US presidential succession has been incapacitated for 3 weeks, yet we don’t even know her doctor’s name. Thanx media! — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) December 31, 2012  

A preview of what can happen when Obama tries to take your guns: The untold story of gun confiscation after Hurricane Katrina

NiceDeb: “I no longer wonder how so many people who lived during Hitler’s evil reign of terror could have gone along with the unimaginable inhumanity of Naziism. I used to wonder about it. Not anymore.”


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