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THE GREAT PUBLIC SCHOOL EXPERIMENT: School forced 5 YO to sign ‘safety contract’ after drawing picture of a gun 

School Did What The Stupid Burns


FORE!: Obama hits milestone 200th round of golf


VOTERS OVERRULED IN NC: Judge Overturns Same Sex Marriage Ban In NC

State leaders are fighting it by attempting to defend the law — something which Left leaning NC Attorney General Roy Cooper has refused to do. Cooper must be using Holder as a template.   North Carolina voters passed Amendment one in 2010. For those curious, the language on the ballot read, “Constitutional amendment to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State.”

Here’s some quick numbers on Amendment One via Ballotpedia:

Amendment 1
Result Votes Percentage
Approved Yes 1,317,178 61.04%
No 840,802 38.96%
  • Amendment One passed in 2010 by a wide margin of those who actually voted on it (roughly 61% to 39%).
  • Bear in mind that in 2010 general election, 2,698,357 votes were cast in North Carolina.
  • Amendment One was voted on by 2,157,980.
  • That means 540,377 of the total voters didn’t enter a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on Amendment One. It was the only ballot question on the 2010 ballot.

So in a nutshell, the folks who did come out and voted on Amendment One overwhelmingly voted for the ban. The rest of NC couldn’t be bothered, yet OUTRAGE.. or something.

NC Local version of Drudge called Carolina Plott Hound nails it in the last line:

WRAL: Laura Leslie helps Binky on special ‘Fact Check’ about marriage amendment…

HMMM… Binky has handled nearly all of them himself until now…

PLOTT HOUND ‘FACT CHECK:’ 61 percent of those who cared enough to vote supported amendment…


 UDPATE: Governor McCrory’s statement was to the point.

Governor Pat McCrory issued a statement following the most recent court ruling on same-sex marriage:

“The administration is moving forward with the execution of the court’s ruling and will continue to do so unless otherwise notified by the courts. Each agency will work through the implications of the court’s ruling regarding its operations.”



Related video:


SCOTUS RULING:  Supreme Court OKs North Carolina voting changes

The Supreme Court is allowing North Carolina to go forward with two disputed voting changes for next month’s election: eliminating same-day voter registration and out-of-precinct voting.

By a 7-2 vote announced in an order Wednesday evening, the justices blocked an appeals court ruling that would have prevented the state from making those changes.

7-2 is a BIG margin. Moral Monday gloaters must be crying pretty hard.

Excerpt from Voter Integrity Link above:

While same-day registration is a convenient measure for partisan activists who are rounding up otherwise uninterested last-minute voters, it also allowed persons to vote from addresses at which they never lived and never intended to live. According to VIP research, the process has resulted in thousands of people having their votes count even though the election boards could never confirm they even lived in North Carolina.
“Same-day registration is the single most fraud-friendly election law in the entire nation,” DeLancy said, “and we’re relieved that North Carolina may now join the vast majority of other states who that agree with that position.”
Provisional voting is a process that allows anybody to vote and then a three-person board later gets to evaluate the merits of each vote before deciding whether or not to count it. In the past, there were little if any guidelines on what rules the board could apply in screening such votes. As a result of the ruling, the state can move forward in establishing one rule: Voters must live in the precinct at which they are casting a provisional ballot.



ACTIVISM VIA ABSTENTION: Supreme Court dodges gay marriage, allowing weddings in five states

(Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to decide once and for all whether states can ban gay marriage, a surprise move that will allow gay men and women to marry in five states where same-sex weddings were previously forbidden.

By rejecting appeals in cases involving Virginia, Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin and Indiana, the court left intact lower-court rulings that had struck down the bans in those states. But the high court’s action means there will be no imminent national ruling on the issue, with litigation in states where gay marriage is still banned likely to continue.

“Any time same-sex couples are extended marriage equality is something to celebrate, and today is a joyous day for thousands of couples across America who will immediately feel the impact of today’s Supreme Court action,” Chad Griffin, president of the gay rights group Human Rights Campaign, said in a statement.

Other states under the jurisdiction of appeals courts that have struck down the bans will also be affected by the Supreme Court’s decision, meaning the number of states with gay marriage is likely to quickly jump from 19 to 30. The other states would be North Carolina, West Virginia, South Carolina, Wyoming, Kansas and Colorado.

I see two things happening here.
1. Supreme Court is telling the states to decide, which is good and how it should be.
2. By not ruling and allowing states to decide, the courts which are riddled with Obama appointees are overturning laws the states are putting forth, which is bad and is essentially activism from the bench.


EBOLA IN THE U.S.: Dallas Patient Tests Positive For Ebola

There, Tom Frieden, M.D., Director of the Center for Disease Control, said that the patient did not show any symptoms when leaving from Liberia on Sept. 19 or entering the U.S. Sept. 20. The patient, an unidentified man, sought treatment Sept. 26 and was admitted to a hospital Sept. 28.

During his first visit to the hospital, he complained of illness but was released before returning Sept. 28 as his condition worsened.  A hospital official said it wasn’t until then that they discovered he was in West Africa.


WHO IS TEACHING YOUR CHILD?: Hot Springs Teacher Arrested for Child Porn


Former Winnetka teacher arrested in sexual assault probe

Franklin County Teacher Arrested on Sexual Molestation Charge

Brooklyn elementary school teacher sexually abused five students

Math teacher, 24, arrested at high school after she ‘had sex with a 15-year-old male student’

Baldwin-Whitehall School District Teacher Arrested

US preschool teacher arrested on charges of biting toddler

Special Ed Teacher Arrested for Child Abuse

San Bernadino Arrested for having sex with minors

Two Hillsborough teachers await discipline after selling drugs to cops

Hagerty High School teacher accused of having sexual contact with girl

Chemistry Teacher and husband arrested on drug charges

Princeton boarding school teacher arrested after sexual relationship with 16-year-old student

Lake Co. science teacher had 3 bags of meth in car with stolen plate

Former McKinney teacher accused of soliciting student to perform sex

7th Grade Huron teacher arrested on drug-related charge

Teacher arrested for statutory sexual assault; burglaries in Chadds Ford

Polk Co. middle school teacher arrested for sex with student



NEW YORK (AP) — Health officials are investigating nine cases of muscle weakness or paralysis in Colorado children and whether the culprit might be a virus causing severe respiratory illness across the country.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday sent doctors an alert about the polio-like cases and said the germ – enterovirus 68 – was detected in four out of eight of the sick children who had a certain medical test. The status of the ninth case is unclear.

UPDATE:  A NJ Preschooler is the first reported death from Enterovirus


GOOD RIDDANCE: And then there were two. With Holder’s resignation, just two Obama originals will remain

A lot of people say Obama is the most dangerous and corrupt man in Washington. I think it’s Eric Holder.
Good riddance to him, but be very aware of who takes his place.

So, is Holder getting out now in anticipation of a Republican held Senate? Hmm.

Update:  Judge Denies DOJ Request to Delay Release of Fast and Furious Document List

Holder Contempt


BIG DATA:  ‘CATALIST’: Obama’s Database for Fundamentally Transforming America

The Democrats and the institutional left have a new political tool that allows them virtually to ignore moderates yet still win elections.
This tool, the Catalist database, was employed in the 2012 election. That election defied conventional wisdom: Mitt Romney sought and won independent voters overwhelmingly, but still lost. If you wondered why the conventional wisdom about independents and moderates didn’t seem so wise in 2012, the answer is Catalist.

Beyond winning elections, Catalist also allows the Democrats to turn the policy narrative upside down and suffer no political consequence for implementing radical policies which appeal to their base. The Obama administration’s lurch to the far left without consequence can be understood by understanding Catalist. Obama thrives politically by satisfying his base. Simply, Catalist is a game changer not just for politics, but for policy. It is the left’s machinery for fundamentally transforming America.

And candidates, organizations, strategists, and consultants who do not understand what they are up against in Catalist risk being overrun.


The article doesn’t mention it, but from what I’ve been able to find out, Catalist is fed by two sources: NGP VAN and ACT BLUE.

Republicans have nothing like this and the ones being told about this monster seem to not give a damn. That’s disturbing.

Now, consider one data set this apparatus is missing:  Future voters. 

Where would they get such data?

I can think of at least one big place. Common Core requires states create a Statewide Longitudinal Database System (SLDS). This is not tin foil hat thinking, it’s kind of obvious. So obvious Congress is looking into the topic.

States will tell you that identifiable data is not given to third parties, but Catalist doesn’t need that identifier because it can fill in the blanks on its own. Think about the multitude of apps, tests and social media your kids use. It’s not hard to pull them into the fold. Education data is the easiest to mine and the deepest right now.

By the way, have you visited yet?  Have you heard of Knewton or Datapalooza? Did you know that “Pearson is the largest trustee of student data”?


#FloodWallStreet “March” Ends Like All Occupy Marches

#FloodWallStreet “March Ended” Like All Occupy Marches:  #FloodWallStreet protesters, police clash; @ExJon asks burning question [photo]

This was another Occupy stunt. Just like People’s Climate Change. They are trying to be reborn.

Trouble is, they’re now unwelcome and totally predictable.

1. Throw protest.
2. Assault cops.
3. Get Pepper spayed.
4. Get arrested.
5. Cry victim.


They even publish handy schedules:


REASON video: Chris Hedges at Flood Wall Street: “Capitalism Exploits Humans”




PRESIDENT PEACE PRIZE:  US Air strikes start in Syria

FOX: US, Arab Allies launch first wave of strikes in Syria

“The United States, joined by five Arab allies, launched an intense campaign of airstrikes, bombings and cruise-missile attacks against the Islamic State and another militant group in Syria Monday night – marking the first U.S. military intervention in Syria since the start of that country’s civil war in 2011.”

“Arab Allies”
Where’s Europe? Where are the historical stalwart US allies? Oh that’s right, Obama’s chased them all off.  One AP Reporter thought this arab coalition was a “win” though.

 INSTAPUNDIT: HEY TOLD ME IF I VOTED FOR MITT ROMNEY . . . Joe Biden 2012: If Romney Wins, We’ll Go To War In Syria.

HOT AIR: Pentagon reports first airstrikes in Syria


GAME CHANGER:  The Hillary Letters – Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky correspondence revealed


“I am living in Berkeley and working in Oakland for the summer and would love to see you,” Clinton wrote. “Let me know if there is any chance of our getting together.”

Clinton’s letter reached Alinsky’s office while he was on an extended trip to Southeast Asia, where was helping train community organizers in the Philippines.

But a response letter from Alinsky’s secretary suggests that the radical organizer had a deep fondness for Clinton as well.

“Since I know [Alinsky’s] feelings about you I took the liberty of opening your letter because I didn’t want something urgent to wait for two weeks,” Alinsky’s long-time secretary, Georgia Harper, wrote to Clinton in a July 13, 1971 letter. “And I’m glad I did.”


Reminder: Hillary Clinton’s Thesis on Saul Alinsky


IRS SCANDAL UPDATE:  Lois Lerner breaks silence (Politico)


credit: Jon Gabriel

credit: Jon Gabriel








INSTAPUNDIT wants to know why the rehab?:

LOIS LERNER TOOK THE FIFTH, but now she’s telling Politico that she did nothing wrong, and that she’s the real victim here.And note the prominent play Politico gives to alleged anti-semitic epithets, and to Lerner’s brownie-baking. So why the media-rehab operation — and that’s what this is — and why now?

(more commentary, hit the link)

I want to know if she took the fifth in front of Congress, how come her lawyers are allowing her to talk to the media or any one else for that matter?

As for the ‘why now’ Instapundit asks, I think the reasoning is that if they humanize her, it’s harder to attack her. They want people feeling sorry for her when the other shoe drops and this move likely signals that other shoe is coming. My reaction wasn’t to feel bad for her, it was disgust. She was a public servant and blew off Congress, yet will talk to an Obama-centric outlet? That almost stinks as bad as taking the 5th.


Lois The Fifth Politico




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MEANWHILE…IN CHICAGO: 1 dead, 14 wounded in city shootings: ‘Please don’t let me die’


JUDICIAL ACTIVISM:  Happy Constitution Day! Ninth Circuit Affirms That It’s Illegal To Wear American Flag Shirts On Cinco De Mayo

RELATED: List of Federal Judges Appointed By Obama (It’s more than you think)

ALSO: Building Legacy, Obama Reshapes Appellate Bench


ENTEROVIRUS 68: Enterovirus Cases Confirmed in Southern California Are State’s First Diagnoses

The spread of the disease to California was expected, state health officer Dr. Ron Chapman said. As of Wednesday, 18 other states had confirmed 153 cases total cases of the virus, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“There will definitely be more. It’s just a matter of time. This will spread across the entire country,” Dr. Pia Pannaraj, an infectious diseases specialist at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, told KTLA.


SHUT UP… THEY EXPLAINED: Feds in El Paso: Democrat Rep. O’Rourke Called to Ban Contact with Judicial Watch

Federal law enforcement sources in El Paso say that a United States congressman called their office to prohibit contact with Judicial Watch in the aftermath of a disturbing story confirming that Islamic terrorists are operating in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez.

Sources tell JW that Beto O’Rourke, a Democrat who represents El Paso in the U.S. House of Representatives, telephoned the area offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) in an effort to identify—and evidently intimidate—sources that may have been used by JW. On August 29 JW reported that the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) is working in Juarez and planning to attack the United States with car bombs or other vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED).

RELATED: Four Terrorists Captured on US Border on September 10 – Day Before 9-11 (Video)


“Here’s the problem,” Paul said in an interview with The Daily Beast this week. “He [McCain] did meet with ISIS, and had his picture taken, and didn’t know it was happening at the time. That really shows you the quandary of determining who are the moderates and who aren’t. If you don’t speak Arabic, and you don’t understand that some people will lie to you—I really think that we don’t have a good handle on who are the moderates and who aren’t, and I think the objective evidence is that the ones doing most of the fighting and most of the battles among the rebels in Syria are the radical Islamists.”

ALSO: Australia raids foil reported ISIS beheading plots


BIDEN ON THE LOOSE:  CNN Hosts Mock Joe Biden’s “Trifecta” Of Gaffes


TRANSPARENCY: Emails: EPA Rules Part Of The Progressive Agenda

Emails between top Environmental Protection Agency officials reveal they saw their fight against global warming as putting them at “forefront of progressive national policy.”

“You are at the forefront of progressive national policy on one of the critical issues of our time. Do you realize that?” former EPA chief Lisa Jackson asked former EPA policy office head Lisa Heinzerling in a Feb. 27, 2009 email.

“You’re a good boss. I do realize that. I pinch myself all the time,” Heinzerling replied that same day to Jackson, who was using an alias email account under the fake name “Richard Windsor.”


I’m shocked there was no computer crash that destroyed these emails.

REMINDER:  Jay Carney 2011 vs 2013: All Our Work Done In Email (video)



TRANSPARENCY: White House Coordinated With Dept. Of Labor To Hide Solis’s Illegal Fundraising

The Department of Labor coordinated with the White House on whether or not to release hidden portions of former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis’ schedule as Solis battled an FBI investigation into her illegal fundraising for President Obama.

Hatch Act Violated.
Meanwhile…U.S. seeks up to 16 months in prison for Dinesh D’Souza

Instapundit:  WHEN JUSTICE IS POLITICAL: Feds Want Prison Time for Dinesh D’Souza; Democrats John Edwards and Jon Corzine couldn’t be reached for comment.



HARRY REID’S SENATE: Senate has secret book of rules

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Senate has for years lived by a secret book of rules that governs everything from how many sheets of paper and potted plants each Senate office is allotted to when Senators can use taxpayer money to charter planes or boats.


“Asked for a copy by USA TODAY, the committee provided a book called the “Senate Manual,” which includes rules for legislating, a few historical documents and some Senate trivia like “Electoral Votes, President and Vice President, 1789-2013.” When pressed, Rules Committee spokesman Phillip Rumsey said the handbook is not public.”

They kept it private so the public wouldn’t know if the Senate was breaking the law. How nice.  We plebes should sit down and shut up now, right?



ENTEROVIRUS 68: More suspected cases reported in Connecticut

“We can confirm that we are treating children with respiratory illnesses at Connecticut Children’s who have exhibited symptoms of Enterovirus D68,” said hospital spokesman Bob Fraleigh, in a statement Friday night. “At this point it is important to note they are possible cases, not confirmed cases.

ALSO: Ebola is still spreading.

“The second possibility is one that virologists are loath to discuss openly but are definitely considering in private: that an Ebola virus could mutate to become transmissible through the air.”


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